Academic Art of Riding

Education of horses and riders - welcome!

Weekend and one-day clinics

A deep dive with like-minded people during a complete day or a whole weekend gives a great push forward. A clinic can easily be arranged if you are a number of interested riders who wish to expand your knowledge together. 

Education online

Digital lessons, either by submitting a video or by taking a live Skype/Zoom lesson, are a new and great format to wither start or uphold your academic journey, receive further education if you have encountered trouble in your daily training or just a way to keep your direction ahead and get new inspiration – easily done from home! Try before July 1st and get 10% on your first booking.

Individual lessons

Do you live in or around the area of Stockholm and wish to get a continuous education? Book individual lessons! The lessons are about 30-40 minutes long for each equipage for an optimal learning of both horse and rider.

"There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a human and horse in perfect interaction, it is my passion to help riders along the way to achieve that."

Horses have been with us for thousands of years. Something exciting happens when horse and human meet on equal terms. Xenophon, one of the first to write down the equestrian art, wrote about the horse’s inner glow and what a great feeling it is to have that energy brought into a collaboration. Something that riders throughout all times have understood and taken advantage of.

20+ years of experience in horse training, equipage development and training of young horses.

 Today, there is plenty of knowledge about anatomy and behavioral biology that in itself can be applied to the classic dressage’s old literature, but which also comes from the research that is at the forefront of the field. Today we can physiologically explain what the old masters could just guess.

It is an exciting and developing area to take part of.


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What is Academic Art of Riding?

Academic Art of Riding is an educational system where the horse and its physical and mental abilities are put first. It is dressage for the horse, not the horse for the dressage.


Yoga is a great complement to your equestrian training. In addition to improving one's body awareness, core stability and the body's flexibility, yoga also helps with breathing and mental presence which positively affects the horses.

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