One-day clinics

A one-day clinic usually includes eight participants who ride two individual lessons each and a theory lecture adjacent to lunch. It is a great way to attain a deeper knowledge together with other participants and it doesn’t require as much arrangement as a weekend clinic. The presentation can be tailored and customized according to your own wishes and needs, as well as the theme of theory lecture.

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Weekend clinics

A weekend clinic can easily be arranged if you are a number of interested riders. The planning of the course is done in dialogue so that the theme and arrangements suit the different participants. A weekend clinic usually includes a maximum of 24 individual lessons and two theory lectures. The first riding lesson we go through how the horse and rider work in the current situation. Based on this, we then make a plan to finish the last riding lesson with a “homework” for the next course. It is also possible to participate in the clinics as theory participants. You learn almost as much when watching others get lessons as riding yourself! By studying other people’s problem solving and thus theorizing their own knowledge, one can find methods for one’s own riding. The number of theory participants is for me unlimited but can vary according to the organizer’s wishes and limitations. Continuity is a key word and characterizes both learning and inspiration. I therefore intend to teach in at the same places on a regular basis. Clinics are given worldwide. For more information about weekend clinics and pricing, contact me at

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