About Anna-Clara

My way into the Equestrian Art

I met the Academic Art of Riding as a 16-year-old in 1999 and since 2003 I have worked actively as an instructor myself. Before the Millennium, I taught at a regular riding school and competed Icelandic horses. It all started with an insight that one of the horses I rode was hurt by the way I rode it. No matter how much I trained, the training never led anywhere and the horse, an Icelandic mare with five gaits named Mist, became more and more angry with each passing day. One day I simply couldn’t sit up. She was done with me. I started to look for alternative routes and by coincidence I got into the Academic Art of Riding.


My horse could suddenly be understood, both physically and mentally and I got aha-experiences on aha-experiences the more I learned and deep dived into the field. The interest in competitions cooled down quickly as the art of riding became an increasingly important part of my world and I changed the training for all my horses. But, I still find it important to keep an eye of most genres and debates that occur, riding lessons are all constantly evolving. Knowledge can never be a too heavy burden.

20+ years later

Today I have many years of experience in horse training, equipage development and I very much enjoy training youngsters. In February 2010 I passed the Knight test with my Spanish mare Educada XV, and currently I am training for new goals in the Academic Art of Riding together with the PRE mare Acacia XIII which I upgraded the Squire test in 2015 and 2020. I have worked and trained for Bent Branderup for both longer and shorter periods and for many years I was an instructor student of Katrin Wallberg. As an experiment I have also trained tölt in Academic manner with the Icelandic horse Gandur from Utnäs, in this project I took help by Eyjólfur Ísólfsson.


I have spent training time in Germany at Marius Schneider’s place and I try to take every opportunity to meet and train for my fellow colleagues in AR from all over Europe, i.e. Christofer Dahlgren, Maria Norberg, Jossy Reynvoet, Stine Larsen and Sabine Oettel to name a few. It is extremely interesting and educational to be part of a large brainpool. The development of the Academic equestrian art is therefore progressing significantly on many fronts. I have been licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer since 2011.


Today, there is much knowledge about anatomy that can itself be applied to the old literature of classical dressage. Today we can physiologically explain what the old masters just guessed. It is an exciting and developing area to take part in. I keep in constant contact with colleagues in the academic riding art and exchange experiences on everything from pedagogy to equestrian technology. I believe that good riding together with research, knowledge, ambition, patience and joy can provide a balanced, pleasant and long future with ones horse!

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